Specialty FR Fabrics

Companies today are exerting more say in what they want for their workforce’s flame resistant clothing, and as the needs and desires of workers have evolved, so have the fabrics designed to protect them. Mount Vernon FR – Mount Vernon Mills’ FR fabric division – is responding by offering a continually evolving lineup of specialty FR fabrics to meet the comfort, durability and style needs of today’s workforce. Read about our current specialty fabrics below.

FlexTex Fabrics with Motion

FlexTex is the newest line of flame resistant fabrics by Mount Vernon FR, developed for increased comfort and mobility. FlexTex fabrics include an elastomeric fiber that allows fabric to flex up to 14% with a 97% recovery. The fiber addition adds mobility to fabric with no reduction in FR protection, so workers experience increased freedom and range of motion in their flame resistant clothing. Mount Vernon FR FlexTex fabrics have a bilateral flex that allows them to elongate sideways and diagonally, eliminating any sagging or bagging.

FABRIC Weight (oz/yd²) Arc Rating ASTM F1959
Suggested Use NFPA 2112 Certified ASTM F1506 Compliant
Seminole Flex 12.75 17.0 Bottom weight denim + +
Chickasaw Flex 8.5 11.0 Coveralls and trousers + +

MY•FR Custom Flame Resistant Fabrics

Check out our MY•FR program, which allows customers to tailor fire resistant fabrics to fit the unique needs of their industry, from electrical to oil and gas to utilities and more. You can customize our FR fabrics by fabric type, weight and/or color so that you get exactly what your work demands, while still getting the durable FR protection you need.