Innovative Flame Resistant Fabrics with Tencel

AMTEX TC combines comfort, strength and a high level of protection so workers don’t have to make any trade offs. Currently offered in 6.5 oz Sateen and 7.75 oz denim shirting styles, AMTEX TC fabrics are unique in that they increase both comfort and durability without sacrificing the protection demands of the FR industry.

One of the primary fibers in AMTEX TC fabrics, Tencel, is a cellulosic fiber similar to cotton, but with added strength to create protective fabrics that withstand tough jobs. Despite their strength, AMTEX TC fabrics feel lighter than they actually are, which enhances the comfort of garments made with the fabric. Enhanced comfort increases the probability that workers will wear garments correctly, and reduces risk of injury due to improper wear.

FABRIC Blend Weight (oz/yd²) Cuttable Width Arc Rating ASTM F1959
Predicted % Body Burn ASTM F1930 NFPA 2112 Component Certified CGSB 155.20 Certified
SATEEN Plus Cotton/Tencel/ nylon 6.5 61.5″ 8.7 27% + +
TRION 2 Shirting Cotton/Tencel 7.75 65″ 8.7 13% + +
TRION 3 Shirting Cotton/Tencel 7.75 65″ 9.5 10% + +



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