Product Innovation

Innovative FR Fabrics, Finishes & Enhancements

Mount Vernon FR fabrics are unique. We are constantly seeking out new technologies and programs to make sure that our customers get the best of the best. Mount Vernon FR currently has 46 fabrics component certified to the U.S. flash fire standard; NFPA 2112, 26 fabrics certified to the Canadian flash fire standard; CGSB 155.20, and more than 55 arc rated products. Mount Vernon FR is committed to continual development of new products to meet specific needs of end users around the world.

The variety and innovation of Mount Vernon FR fabrics keep customers from sacrificing comfort, safety or style, which will lead to increased satisfaction for workers who require FR clothing. Mount Vernon FR continues to raise standards through our continual pursuit of excellence. To see our specialty FR fabrics, as well as our specialty finishes and enhancements, click on the links below.

Specialty FR Fabrics

Specialty Finishes & Enhancements