FR Fabric with Motion, Created for Comfort

FlexTex is Mount Vernon FR’s collection of flame resistant fabrics developed for increased comfort and mobility. FlexTex fabrics include an elastomeric fiber that allows the FR fabric to flex up to 14% with a 97% recovery. The elastomeric fiber adds mobility to fabric with no reduction in FR protection as the line is NFPA 2112 certified, so workers experience increased freedom and range of motion in their flame resistant clothing. Mount Vernon FR FlexTex fabrics have a bilateral flex that allows them to elongate sideways and diagonally, eliminating any sagging or bagging.

FABRIC BLEND Weight (oz/yd²) Cuttable Width Arc Rating ASTM F1959
Predicted % Body Burn ASTM F1930 NFPA 2112 Certified
Chickasaw Flex Cotton/ Spandex 8.75  58″ 11.0 11.21% +
Santee Flex Cotton/ Spandex 9.25 64″ 11.0 8.20% +
Willard Flex Cotton/ Spandex 12.75 62″ 17.0 6.83%  +
Columbia Flex Cotton/ Spandex 13.0 63″ 17.0 N/A  *
Huntington Flex Cotton/ Spandex 14.0 62″ 18.0 N/A  *
Seminole Flex Cotton/ Spandex 13.5 62.75″ 17.0 7.38%  +

* These denim styles are not component recognized to NFPA 2112 but will meet the requirements.

Denim styles that are garment wet processed may require fabric and coveralls to be garment wet processed before testing for certification.

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