Flame Resistant Fabrics Engineered for Durability

RESILIENCE™ is our line of protective fabrics engineered with extreme durability in mind. Blending supremely strong fibers – such as nylon, Nomex and Kevlar – with cotton creates a fabric that offers a superior level of strength in this flame resistant fabric, without feeling too stiff or uncomfortable. RESILIENCE fabrics offer top-notch FR protection, and are purpose-built to deliver significantly higher abrasion resistance. If you’re looking for FR fabric engineered for enhanced durability, Mount Vernon FR’s RESILIENCE is the ideal FR fabric for you.

RESILIENCE fabrics are available with our amSoft finish.

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FABRIC BLEND Weight (oz/yd²) Cuttable Width Arc Rating ASTM F1959
Predicted % Body Burn ASTM F1930 NFPA 2112 Component Recognized CGSB 155.20 Certified


75% Cotton/25% Nylon  8.0 66″ 11.0 10.93% +


75% Cotton/25% Nylon  9.5 66″ 14.0 8.75% +


Cotton/Nylon/Kevlar  7.5  62″  10.0 13.93% +
CROW Twill  Cotton/Nomex/Nylon 7.25 63″ 8.7 22.13% + +
APACHE V Cotton/Nomex  7.25 63″ 6.0 30.06% +
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