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Innovative Flame Resistant Fabrics with Tencel AMTEX TC combines comfort, strength and a high level of protection so workers don’t have to make any trade offs. Currently offered in 6.5 oz Sateen and 7.75 oz denim shirting styles. Perfect for FR uniforms and FR workwear, AMTEX TC fabrics are unique in that they increase both… Read More »

Mount Vernon FR Launches AMTEX® TC Collection of Tencel® Blends

Mount Vernon FR Launches AMTEX® TC Collection of Tencel® Blends TRION, GA – September 26, 2013 – Mount Vernon FR today announces its newest innovation in the flame resistant fabric industry, AMTEX® TC. AMTEX TC is a collection of cotton and Tencel® blends created for Total Comfort, and the new line addresses the challenge of maximizing both comfort… Read More »

Mount Vernon Mills Unveils New Branding Initiative for Mount Vernon FR, Flame-Resistant (FR) Fabrics

Mount Vernon Mills Unveils New Branding Initiative for Mount Vernon FR, Flame-Resistant (FR) Fabrics Maudlin, S.C., October 12, 2012 — Mount Vernon Mills announces its new flame-resistant (FR) fabrics brand, Mount Vernon FR. Demonstrating its commitment as a leader in the FR industry, the new tagline, Wear it for life, speaks to the exceptional quality and durability… Read More »

MY•FR: Custom FR Fabric

Custom FR Fabric If you’re looking for a FR fabric that meets the specific needs of your workforce, Mount Vernon FR is the brand for you. While other fabric manufacturers may offer a limited number of flame resistant fabric styles from which to choose, Mount Vernon FR has no set number. Our revolutionary MY•FR program… Read More »

PHOENIX FR: More Choices of FR Denim

More Choices of FR Denim Our PHOENIX FR denim collection includes FR fabrics that are manufactured in a variety of weights and finishes for FR jeans that can take you from work to play. From basics to slub and crosshatch denim, to premium finishes and flex fit, Mount Vernon FR is your go-to-source for the… Read More »

RESILIENCE™: Flame Resistant Fabrics Engineered for Durability

Flame Resistant Fabrics Engineered for Durability RESILIENCE™ is our line of protective fabrics engineered with extreme durability in mind. Blending supremely strong fibers – such as nylon, Nomex and Kevlar – with cotton creates a fabric that offers a superior level of strength in this flame resistant fabric, without feeling too stiff or uncomfortable. RESILIENCE… Read More »


Cotton FR Fabric with Added Durability AMTEX™ PLUS is our collection of flame resistant fabrics made with an 88% cotton/12% nylon blend. This collection combines the softness of cotton with the strength and resilience of nylon to create the perfect balance of comfort and durability. Nylon is also less affected by changes in temperature, and offers… Read More »


100% Cotton Flame Resistant Fabrics AMTEX™ C100 is our 100% cotton flame resistant fabric. When feeling the fabric and comparing it to others, you’ll notice the difference. AMTEX™ C100 is exceptionally soft and comfortable, and includes the lightest weight 100% cotton fabric with a durable flame resistant finish. Mount Vernon FR doesn’t sacrifice comfort for… Read More »

About Us

About The Company Flame Resistant Fabrics By Mount Vernon Mills Headquartered in Mauldin, South Carolina, Mount Vernon Mills has about 2,700 employees and operates 14 production facilities in the U.S., located in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama and Texas. Mount Vernon FR protective fabrics are part of Mount Vernon Mills’ Apparel Fabrics Group,… Read More »


FR Fabric Offerings Flame Resistant Fabrics Mount Vernon FR is one of the world’s leading flame resistant fabric suppliers and has one of the largest collections of flame resistant (FR) fabrics that can be used for FR uniforms and FR workwear in nearly any industry, such as electrical, utilities, and oil and gas. Our FR… Read More »